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What is the Net Worth of Willie Robertson?

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Willie Robertson - Willie Jess Robertson, born in 1972, is the third son of Phil and “Miss Kay” Robertson, all stars of the hit reality TV show, Duck DynastyDuck Dynasty centers around the Robertson family’s highly successful Duck Commander empire, a multi-million dollar business that manufactures a wide variety of hunting related products and accessories, hawking everything from decoys to instructional DVDs.



Willie Robertson Net Worth

Willie Robertson Net Worth

While Willie may appear to be a card-carrying redneck on the surface, he holds a business degree from Harding University, which undoubtedly fine-tuned his already fine business acumen, leading him to eventually become the CEO of Duck Commander, running the business with his wife, father, mother, brother, and uncle.  He and his wife Korie have five children.


Up until only a few years ago, Duck Commander was just a small but successful family operation essentially run from their house.  But Willie tapped his formidable business and sales skills to form a thriving empire, eventually garnering the attention of A&E producers to create the wildly successful reality program, Duck Dynasty.  Willie narrates as well as stars in the majority of the episodes, often supplying his humorous tongue-in-cheek commentary to an already chuckle-inducing series.


Willie grew up in the outdoorsman lifestyle, and he learned well.  As a child in the family business, he performed tasks from packaging to inventory, eventually becoming the CEO.  Always chasing new ideas, he started up Buck Commander in 2006, which has him traveling the country on deer hunts and shooting the Buckmen series of DVDs and the Buck Commander Protected by Under Armor on the Outdoor Channel.


But while Willie and his family are certifiably rich, reputably boasting a net worth of $10 million and enjoying fine homes and enviable toys, he is still most at home out in the muck and the mire of Louisiana in pursuit of edible wildlife, no doubt simultaneously formulating new and lucrative business ventures.

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