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What Is The Net Worth of Lauren Bacall?

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Lauren Bacall boasts a net worth that is valued at some twenty million dollars. A Native New Yorker, Lauren Bacall was born Betty Joan Perske. She first studied the art of acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Art in Manhattan, one of the oldest acting schools in the world. At the same time, the young actress found employment as a model and working as an usher in a theater. She had her very first Broadway role in 1942 in Johnny 2 X 4, when she was just 17. At 18, she was discovered by Nancy and Howard Hawkes. They took her to Hollywood where Hawkes put her under contract and had her named changed to Lauren Bacall to launch her path to stardom. With a complete makeover of her voice, appearance and mannerisms, she was moving into the limelight by the time of her 1944 role in To Have and Have Not.
In the 1940’s and 50’s, Bacall was cast in a string of major hit films, among them Key Largo, Young Man with a Horn, How to Marry a Millionaire, and Dark Passage. In 1945 her personal life took center stage when she married star Hollywood tough guy Humphrey Bogart. Four years after Bogart’s death in 1957, Bacall married another Hollywood legend, Jason Robards.
Lauren Bacall’s status as an acclaimed actress never waned, as she received an Academy Award nomination for her 1996 role in The Mirror Has Two Faces. Bacall’s fame and talent contributed greatly to her increasing net wealth, and her artistry also led her to numerous Broadway roles in the 70’s and the 80’s, where she won Tony awards for Woman of the Year and Applause. She was honored with an Honorary Academy Award in 2009.

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