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What is the Net Worth of Jase Robertson?

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Jase Robertson Net Worth - Jason “Jase” Robertson, born in August of 1969, is the second oldest son of Phil and “Miss Kay” Robertson, the founders of the highly successful Duck Commander empire and stars of A&E’s popular Duck Dynasty series, which debuted in March of 2012 and chronicles the often humorous business and personal dealings of the very likable Robertsons.  Jase is in charge of the manufacturing sector of Duck Commander, and personally tunes the famous and patented duck calls by hand.  Jase is equal parts industriousness and laid-back jokester, the latter aspect of his personality often amusing his family and co-workers while irking his all-business father.


Jase Robertson Net Worth

Jase Robertson Net Worth

Jase learned from an early age that duck hunting was where it’s at, especially in his father’s world.  But this knowledge was not a negative experience, as Jase proved himself a passionate and skilled duck hunter even as a child, arguably spending more time in the woods and blinds than in school, often prompting the attention of local education officials.


But this self-professed slacker is one busy man, reportedly having a net worth of $4 million dollars, yet still spending every moment possible in the blind and helping the family empire to continue to expand. Starring in both the Duck Dynasty and the Duck Commander DVD series, Jase continues to work hand-tuning the calls mostly by himself, making it a personal quest to perfect each cedar duck call to please both himself and their customers.


Still residing in West Monroe, Louisiana, with his wife Missy and their three children, Jase continues his lifestyle as an avid outdoorsman and hunter, happily enjoying both his expansive home and expensive gadgets as well as playing in the mud with the rest of the local riff raff.  With Duck Dynasty continuing to thrive, it’s likely Jase and his family will continue to enjoy the fruits of their homegrown labors.

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