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What is the Net Worth of Chumlee?

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Chumlee Net Worth - Austin “Chumlee” Russell is the unlikely star of the History Channel’s world famous Pawn Stars series, which documents the often unexpected events occurring at a 24 hour Las Vegas pawn shop.

Working the counter of the Harrison family’s renowned Gold and Silver Pawn, Chumlee is often the butt of jokes by family patriarch the “Old Man,” his son Rick, and his son and Chum’s old childhood friend, Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison.  In fact, Chumlee originally got his position at the pawn shop at age 21 because he was Corey’s friend, and had been employed for 5 years before Pawn Stars was born. Before occasionally manning the counters and being trusted with bartering, Chumlee could more often be found in the back rooms, testing and repairing items and writing tickets.  More like a family member than a mere employee, the three Harrison men seem to waffle between delight and frustration at Chumlee’s apparent role as the shop’s lazy dullard.  While his negotiation skills and inventory knowledge appear to be steadily improving, Chum still often does business with his heart and childlike fondness for gaming paraphernalia rather than shrewd money-making, much to the elder Harrisons’ irritation.



Chumlee Net Worth

Chumlee Net Worth

Chumlee acquired his nickname at the age of 12 due to his resemblance to the walrus sidekick of the Tennessee Tuxedo cartoon.  Some viewers argue that Chum’s “character” is somewhat cartoonish in and of itself, with Chumlee often appearing as something of a bumbling savant and the entire staff’s foil.  He may not be able to find the State of Maine on a map, but he can rattle off some dead-eyed and starting minutiae regarding pinball machines, video games, and nerdy collectibles. Chumlee quickly acquired a rabid audience on Pawn Stars, and formed his own appearances and novelty item company, which he later sold to Rick Harrison for the sake of convenience.  In any case, perhaps a combination of both serendipity and Chum’s offbeat charisma have given him a net worth of $600,000, which will undoubtedly keep increasing with his $25K per episode salary on a show that shows no signs of declining.

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