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What is the Net Worth Je Robertson?

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Je Robertson Net Worth - Jules Jeptha “Je” Robertson, is the youngest son of Phil and Miss Kay Robertson, founders of the wildly successful Duck Commander bird call and duck hunting accessories empire and stars of A&E’s reality show, Duck DynastyDuck Dynasty, now in its second season, chronicles the Robertson family’s often humorous business and personal dealings deep in the Louisiana swamps.



Je Robertson Net Worth

Je Robertson Net Worth

Founded in 1972, Duck Commander began as a mom-and-pop business run out of the family home but, due to patriarch Phil and his brother Willie’s education and business and marketing skills, it soon became a booming empire serving hunting enthusiasts around the globe.  Duck Commander designs and manufactures all manner of hunting and outdoor gear, but became famous for its crafted cedar bird calls.  While Willie is the company’s president, Jep Robertson records and edits numerous family hunting adventures, and also stars in the family’s Duck Dynasty series, which began as two Outdoor Channel specials and eventually became a wildly successful series on A&E debuting in 2012.


Jep and his wife Jessica have four children:  Lily, Merritt, Priscilla and River, and still reside in West Monroe, Louisiana.  Growing up in the thick of hunting life, Jep developed a keen sense for hunting and everything outdoors from an early age, undoubtedly lending itself to his always spot-on camera work and knack for capturing engrossing nature footage on both the Duckmen DVD series and the TV show, Benelli Presents Duck Commander.  Jep’s passions for duck hunting, the natural lifestyle, and always capturing that next priceless shot have continued long since his filming debut in Duckmen X, and it would appear he’s found his niche.  With an estimated net worth of $8 million dollars, Jep Robertson is a true American success story, drawing in both worldwide duck hunting enthusiasts and passive sofa surfers into the wild world of Duckmen style exploits.

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